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Submit Vermiculite Samples

As the nation's leading asbestos testing laboratory, EMSL's network of testing facilities have been providing quality analytical services since 1981 across North America. 

EMSL's unmatched expertise, coupled with a focus on customer satisfaction, provides for the highest level of service. Contact EMSL today to quickly determine if asbestos is in your vermiculite insulation or other suspect materials.

Vermiculite Insulation Sampling Guide

Asbestos consultants are trained in the proper collection of samples for asbestos analysis. Typical precautions include the following:

Make sure no one else is in the room when sampling is done.

Wear disposable gloves or wash hands after sampling.

Shut down any heating or cooling systems to minimize the spread of any released fibers.

Do not disturb the material any more than is needed to take a small sample.

Wet the material using a fine mist of water before taking the sample. The water mist will reduce the release of asbestos fibers.

Carefully remove a small amount of the vermiculite insulation being sure to not aerosolize the material. The asbestos has a tendency to settle so it is important to collect the sample from the bottom if possible.

Place the small amount into a clean container such as a jar or ziplock bag (a half cup is a good size). 

Tightly seal the container after the sample is in it. Double bagging is recommended.

Label the container with an identification number and clearly state when and where the sample was taken.

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